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hot_pink_ninja [userpic]
by hot_pink_ninja (hot_pink_ninja)
at January 17th, 2006 (04:52 pm)

Sausage & Mash Cafe, Portobello Road, London.

My stomach's rumbling at the thought!

I'm fairly traditionalist when it comes to sausage&mash - Powters sausages, plain mash and onion gravy. My hand wavers over 'boar and winklepicker' or 'pork, turnip, gruyere and catnip' but returns to the old favourites again and again. I've been burned before, you see - wonderful names, disappointing sausages. But still, the idea of choosing my sausage, my mash *and* my gravy thrills me to the core!

Any great combination recommendations out there?